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Additional Feature Description :

Why choose this Video Post Program?


When you become a member of the MtlChic.com network, you will notice many businesses opt-in for this advanced feature because it allows you to gain the most hits/views. With video, you are able to reach more people than ever before. This is so important when using social media. Rich Media is the heart of your success and to use it with video posts is your best option.


How does this work?


With our Video Post Program, we can send and boost your video post through the MtlChic Network. MtlChic has a network of over 100,000+ members online, and access to more potential customers that will be sure to see your Video Post. We designed this program for you to achieve overall exposure and more sucessful campaignes.


Any questions please contact us directly at 1.888.672.5379 or email us at info@mtlchiconline.com.

Video Post Program Benefits :

    Reach more customers than ever before

    Rich Media brings most views

    Attract the right customers

    Target the right demographic

    Show exactly what you have to offer

    • and much more...
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