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Additional Feature Description :

What is the Social Push Pro Program all about?


This program is setup for you to get the best out of our social network anytime of the day or night. If you have an event, an in-store special, or a service you may want to advertise, the Social Push Pro service is ready to push your promotion through thousands of online users, who will LIKE / SHARE / COMMENT to boost your business online. This is a great way to announce a new location for your storefront, or any changes to your business you want to announce on-the-fly.


With the Social Push Pro feature, you can reach more people like never before in an instant, only available to members of MtlChic.com. Once you SIGN-UP to MtlChic.com you start to receive maximum visibility at a very low cost. Social Push Pro can be used at anytime, simply contact us.


Any questions please contact us directly at 1.888.672.5379 or email us at info@mtlchiconline.com.

Social Push Pro Benefits :

    Reach more customers than ever before

    Become part of one of the largest Montreal networks

    Gain maximum visibility and create a social buzz

    Keep your business relevant, with fresh new posts

    Boost your business events in an instant

    Request a Social Push anytime 24/7

    • and much more...
    • Email: mtlchiconline@gmail.com

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