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Additional Feature Description :

Why is it a good time to refresh and/or build your new mobile application with us?


With a new mobile application you will be able to control many things you cannot with a website. A new mobile application can benefot you in so many ways. Once a customer installs your application on the smartphone, they are now connected to you 24/7. Unlike a website, you can send the customer Push Notifications, and setup mobile GPS Coupons, which will alert the customer as they enter your location, about in-store promotions and so much more. A Mobile Application can ensure you have retrun customers, and you can connect with your customers on a much more personal level. Everything is going mobile, so should you!


When you become a member on the MtlChic website, we can help with the best solution for your business. We literally take care of you from A-to-Z. With a referal from us, you will be introcudes to the best website development team at AppDoozy. AppDoozy is a high-end website and mobile application development and design company that can build your newest website and mobile application with ease.


Any questions please contact us directly at 1.888.672.5379 or email us at info@mtlchiconline.com.

Mobile Application Dev & Design Benefits :

    Reach more customers than ever before

    Robust Analytics for your application

    Unlimited Push Notifications

    Unlimited Events Listing Feature

    Integrated Shopping Cart

    Mobile Reservations and Bookings

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