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Additional Feature Description :

How can you benefit from a Banner Advertisement , "Banner Ad" or Native Ad? First of all, a Banner Ad vs a Native is that a Banner Ad is custom designed to look like an advertisement, outside of the original page design. A Native Ad is designed to look "native" to the page, like if it belongs in the page. There are also "Text Ads" which are simple text explaining your business or event, or (other). So MtlChicOnline working with AppDoozy can custom design a Banner Ad for you in the standard Google friendly sizes of 7298x90 or 250x250, or you can submit to us your Banner Ad design, and we will make sure it is appearing on our website in kep Banner Ad placements around the MtlChic website.


Banner Ads are available to members and non-members of the MtlChic.com Network. We invite ALL our customers to benefit from Ad Placement on the MtlChic Network. With a Banner Ad you will see your online visibility go way up. We guarantee maximum visibility on the MtlChic Network, and our prices are designed to fit within most any budget. Book your Banner Ad today!


Banner Ad Size/Placement Chart:

Receive maximum visibility and receive thousands of daily views from MTLChic.com visitors.


BANNER [250 x 250] [$100.00 BUY NOW]



BANNER [728 x 90] [$250.00 BUY NOW]

* Banner Ads are for 30 days ONLY. We can also design your banners for you. Contact us directly.


Any questions please contact us directly at 1.888.672.5379 or email us at info@mtlchiconline.com.

Banner Advertisement Benefits :

    Reach more customers than ever before

    Get Maximum Results with a Banner Ad

    We build Custom Design Banners

    Get more Leads through Banners

    Priority page placement

    Access to the MtlChic network

    • and much more...
    • Email: mtlchiconline@gmail.com

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